What dates do you have available?
We have several dates available which you can find on our booking page.
How much does it cost?
Each session is £30 and includes all beer, delivery and a live tasting experience with the brewery.
Does this include delivery?
Yes, your ticket includes delivery within the UK.
Do you do private events?
Yes! We are able to offer corporate and private party events for groups between 20 and 200 people. Find out more at our private event page here.
How much beer do I get?
Each session includes four craft beers delivered to your door. The beer will be in cans or bottles, depending on which brewery your event is for.
What brewery will run the session?
We run each session with a different brewery. To find out which breweries we have coming up, visit our booking page.
Can I choose the beers?
Although you can choose which brewery event to attend, the beers at each session are chosen by the brewery in advance, so unfortunately you cannot choose specific beers from them.
When is the cut-off date for booking?
The cut-off for each booking is six days before the event, to allow for delivery. Make sure you book early so you don’t miss out!
Do I need to be a technology wizz kid for this?
Absolutely not! We keep our sessions as simple as possible. All instructions are sent out in advance and if you are new to Zoom, we have live tech support on our site to help you with any problems. This will be available from half an hour before your session.
Do I need to be a beer expert for this?
Absolutely not! If you just like trying new beers, you are welcome with us! Whilst we encourage questions to the brewery, any interaction is not mandatory.
Does my camera need to be on for the event?
No! If you prefer to enjoy your beers off camera, then that’s fine by us!
When will I get my beer?
Beer will be delivered a few days before your session to the address supplied at booking.
When will I get my online meeting details?
We send out your Zoom invite the day before your session is due to take place.
Can I get my friends involved?
Of course, the more the merrier! Beer is always enjoyed best with friends, but although you will be able to converse with them via the Zoom chat feature, all participants are muted during the session to allow the brewery the space to talk about their beers.
Does a Scotch egg count as a substantial meal?
According to Michael Gove it does! So does that mean if you eat a Scotch egg with your beers we are some sort of restaurant?! Gove knows.